Admit it….

You feel the weight of your challenges and life experiences bogging you down. I know you’re tired of feeling like your life has been defined by circumstance. You’re ready to reclaim your power and transform your life. You’re ready for the world to see the AUTHENTIC you. You’re excited to connect and BELONG to a powerful tribe of sisters. You’re craving to find the CONFIDENT woman inside. You’re ready to AWAKEN your spirit and find new purpose in your life.

But you’re not sure where to start…..

Girlfriend, you are in the RIGHT PLACE!
I’ve helped thousands of women transform their lives from the inside out! It’s up to you to decide which path you take.

Join My Team


If you’re supportive, positive (not salesy), and eager to change lives, my team is PERFECT for you.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a Mom looking for a few extra hundred a month or a Corporate Executive looking for time freedom. Sister, I’ve got you covered!  

When you join my team I’m with you every step of the way.

  • Overcoming your fear and limiting beliefs about making money.
  • You’ll have a LIVE call with me to create a business launch plan.
  • You’ll receive new presenter training materials to set you up for success.
  • Over the TOP team incentives
  • Full access to me for questions and serious strategy sessions.
  • Private FB Group for you to connect with other Sisters transforming their lives!
  • Team training page on FB so you can be the first to know about incentives and other must know news!

I want to connect with you and hear your story. Schedule a call with me!  Let’s meet and see if this is the right path for you!

Join My Mission

I’m passionate about helping women and children defend their innocence. I partner with The Younique Foundation to help prevent childhood sexual abuse. 1 in 4 girls and 1 in 6 boys will be sexually abused before they turn 18.  It’s time for us to start talking and helping others.   The Younique Foundation offers a 4 day retreat in Utah, USA to help restore hope to adult women who have been sexually abused as children.  

  • Are you ready to serve your community?
  • Defend your family?
  • Support your friends?
  • Interested in learning more about the retreat?

I’m here and ready to partner with you to impact the world and to tell you more about my experience with The Younique Foundation.  Let’s chat and see what opportunities are available for you to use your gifts and talents to educate the world!

Find Your Beauty


Makeup isn't just about looking pretty and it's certainly not about looking pretty for someone else.  It's about expressing your creativity using makeup to create art with your face as the canvas.  When you are proud of your creation, you are confident, and you wear that confidence like a beautiful suit of armor.

Every woman deserves to feel worthy and beautiful. I’m committed to helping you embrace your beauty. I’d love to help you pick out the best products to make you shine. Take a look at what we have to offer and setup a free beauty consultation.


Tina always allows me to share my feelings. She helps me think through things that might be holding me back. She’s an incredible leader! She makes things so much fun and she always has faith in me and everyone on the team. Women joining Tina get a supportive and encouraging team. She’s a leader that considers her team before herself!



Tina is an amazing person, so loving and supportive. I’ve learned how to love myself unconditionally, to believe in myself, and to know I am worth love. She’s shown me not to give up. She helped me realize how I am a good person and I do deserve great things in my life. That I am more powerful than I think I am. I feel like I'm finally becoming the woman I was always meant to be. Tina is an amazing human being with the biggest heart and anyone who has her in their life should be very thankful!! Love you Tina!

- ELLISSA LAPIER, NLP Practitioner


I love ordering from Tina because she shows me the actual products. She took the time to help me match my skin tone. The mascara is my favorite because it’s quick and easy! I love her passion, expertise, and awesomeness! I never had a doubt about Younique products! I’ve loved them all. Tina’s helped me feel more radiant and youthful.