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"I love Younique products because they’re quality products at a good price and they’re easy to order! My favorite product is the mascara for sure! Long thick lashes! Who doesn't want those?! I love ordering from Tina because she’s genuine, honest, trustworthy and extremely responsive. Because of Tina my eyelashes have never looked better and I love her beauty tutorials. "

- Shelly Holt, Working Mom


"My favorite products are the skin care line because it makes my skin look better plus I love that Younique supports the Younique Foundation to help people work through sexual abuse. I love ordering from Tina because she’s knowledgeable about the products, she responds quickly to questions and she’s about making the customer have a good experience, it's not just a profit! I wasn’t sure the skin care line would make much of a difference in my skin, but obviously it does because I bought the big set again! My foundation stays on better, skin is not as red, looks smoother and more even toned."

- Becca Dawson, Busy Woman Who Does it ALL!

I love the quality of Younique products and the lip-stain lasts forever. I adore Tina! I order from her because she donates to charity. She has a big heart and she’s a beautiful human being inside and out. Tina helps me look and feel better by getting into make-up. I get lots of compliments!

- Amy Hirshman-Carlson, Mompreneur

I love that I'm getting high quality products that do what they claim while supporting a group of amazing women who reach out into the world to support and encourage others. The liquid eyeliner is my favorite. It goes on smooth and dark and stays there. I love ordering from Tina because she is professional and offers amazing products.  She knows how the products work together and what will work best for me.  My favorite part about shopping with Tina is her ability to make everything fun and to introduce me to new things!  She helps me to grow into who I want to be.  She knows what works for me and she doesn't hesitate to recommend a product or color that might be just a little outside of my comfort zone if she knows it will make me feel amazing and she's right! She inspires me to try new things.  She reminds me that you're never too old to look amazing! When I first heard of Younique, I was skeptical about the quality.  Now, I'm hooked. Younique products have definitely earned their place in my make-up drawer.  They can hold their own next to my favorite department store products and have become my new favorites.

- Ann-Marie Keeney, Homemaker


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"Younique always seems to have top of the line products, the mascara is great! I love all the good things Tina does with her company, she’s an inspiration! Tina is always friendly, knowledgeable, and responsive! Ordering from Tina was easy! Thank you Tina for sharing your positive words for your team and friends..it's an inspiration to see how much you care about your work!"

- Holly Gold, Teacher

Working with Tina is the best! She’s taught me it's ok to not be ok. She inspires me to be like her. Her love, positivity, and beauty stands out! Tina has helped me build boundaries. I always felt comfortable with Tina. She reminds me of a loving family member. Tina’s warmth and acceptance overflows! I’m always striving to be better.

- Alysha Machuca, Cosmetologist/Master Asethetician


Tina you are incredible!  Thank you for being so brave and supportive!!! You are such a good listener, supportive and encouraging. Since working with you I’m more confident and I love myself.

- Erin Sammons, Sales

I’ve known Tina about 6 years. She always makes me feel validated by recognizing things I do - whether they're big or small. And I know that she’s never more than a phone call away - she’s someone I can always count on for support and advice. She’s taught me that I am enough and that I deserve to be happy. What stands out about Tina is her passion about The Younique Foundation. It gave me the courage to talk about my own abuse and apply to attend the foundation myself. Her loving, generous spirit and her ability to make me laugh every day. Tina has inspired me to continue with my healing journey by helping me understand that it's ok to feel the things I feel, and that I always have a safe place to go if I need to vent or get advice. Tina’s helped me launch my own business and become  a better leader. She helped start my healing journey by attending the Younique Foundation retreat and going to counseling. Having Tina’s support has continually made me confident in my decision to choose Younique as a 'career' day after day. I never feel alone - and if things aren't going great I know that I always have her behind me to lift me up when needed.

- Denise Opsahl, Entrepreneur

I’ve known Tina for 17 years. Each time I face a new obstacle she has the resources to help me get back on track. Tina has taught me that I’m not alone and that I shouldn’t be afraid to ask for help. Tina’s positivity is contagious, even a short conversation makes me feel better. Talking to her is easy and natural. I don't feel like I have to hide who I am and feel no judgement. Tina has inspired me by encouraging me to put myself first and break out of my comfort zone. Since working with Tina I gained courage to tell the things that had been eating at me the most. My confidence has increased and how I view myself is changing, slowly, but I'm moving forward. Reaching out to Tina was the best decision I've made. You don't just join a group. You get sisters. Family. Something I don't have at home.

- Amber Groover, Medical Manufacturing

I have truly enjoyed your genuine warmth, love, and how you encourage stretching outside of our comfort zones but doing it a way that is truthful to us. I have learned through you that our stories are our own yet sharing can help another on the path of healing. You have an incredible giving spirit. You are someone that has a passion and a fire to free survivors from the shame, guilt, and be more of who they were meant to be. Not forgetting the survivor story but embracing it to help move us forward. Your gentle wisdom inspires me. The fact that you have created a group full of women who are vulnerable, raw, "damaged" & emotional yet it is a safe haven. Where women can open up, share their doubts, trials & tribulations knowing they will be supported, uplifted as well as embraced motivates me. You’ve helped me overcome my reservations about reaching out for support, allowing the vulnerability to be open & trying not feel as if that vulnerability will be used against me as it has with others. I trust you. I own my story better. I realize that the shame isn't mine. That my abusers were just that abusers.

I don't have to share details with every one to be healed & healing truly is a journey. It's mine & mine alone but it's okay to have fellow travelers to help you when you stumble. You are an incredible woman who gives a voice to those who may not yet be strong enough to fully use theirs. Thank you for being a light in the darkness. I truly appreciate you.

- Missie Crook Master, Esthetician/Makeup Artist


Tina is always there for me. She understands me and loves me for me. She’s taught me that I’m worthy and enough! She’s always kind, encouraging, and  non judgmental.

-  Kimberly Cole, Entrepreneur

I enjoy Tina’s energy and humor! I love our team of hard working, big hearted, and strong business women. Tina’s dedication to our team is inspiring!

- Shari Brown Entrepreneur

Tina is so down to earth! I’ve learned so much from her. She’s always calm and relatable. Tina’s team is pure amazing! It's calm, no pressure, and we’re all the same no matter what status we are. The info she provides is off the hook!!

- Amy Mitchell, Entrepreneur


Tina’s support is incredible. It's there with support anytime. So thankful for her. Her spirit is genuine and rare. She’s real and not afraid to show how she’s been impacted. She is a very special person inside and out. Tina’s motivated me to not give up. I know I'm not alone. She’s taught me that I'm courageous. She inspires me to pursue healing and she motivates me to help others. Since working with Tina I’ve been able to accomplish mindfulness, meditation, and feeling difficult emotions. I've gone from denial to acceptance. It's comforting to know she’s there. For others seeking to join our group you will get understanding and support.

- Mary, Mental Health Worker


Words cannot express the love and support Tina has shown me and continue to show me always! She’s taught me that it's ok to have "faults" even as a leader. To embrace where I have come from and enjoy my journey. Most importantly, that I am not alone. I’m inspired by Tina’s strength and testimony as a survivor speaks volumes. Opening up your heart to help others has been truly inspiring. Since working with Tina I’ve been able to let go of fear that has held me back. I never had doubts working with Tina, her heart has always been open. I’ve been able to transform my confidence to know I don't have to always be perfect!

- Dodie Glover, Global Beauty Business Owner

I enjoy Tina’s willingness to wrap her arms around me and give me courage to do the things that needed to be done to start my own healing journey. During our journey together I’ve learned forgiveness,  inspiration, mentorship, and to love myself. I was able to complete the retreat and follow up with the recommended treatment for which has brought incredible change into my life. Also, our group in FB is comforting - we aren't alone. I have never had doubts about Tina’s support ever. I’ve learned to trust myself again and watching how she leads has inspired me to do the same. Tina is incredibly warm and open. I would highly encourage women to join our group.

- Julie Clarke, Director Business Development


Tina and I have been working together for a year. Tina has taught me to be more confident and believe in myself. Our team stands out because of our Sisterhood. We show compassion for each other and share ideas. Tina inspires me every day!  Since working with her my confidence has transformed.  I also feel like I understand myself better and I am discovering who I am and who I want to be. Being on Tina’s team is absolutely amazing! The bonds with the other women are incredible.  The sharing of knowledge and support is like nothing I have ever seen.  It is a culture of positivity.

- Jenny Lowry, Online Instructor


Tina’s taught me that consistency, stepping out of my comfort zone, being genuine, and serving others is what builds business. When I joined Tina’s team, I instantly felt like we’d been friends for a long time and that I was an important part of her team. I feel so blessed to be apart of her team!  She leads by example and shares all her tips so we can be successful too. She shares her fears with us and shows us how to step out and overcome them. She communicates and teaches us in a way that is inspiring and refreshing!

- Jennifer Schaapveld, Boss Babe

Working with Tina I’ve learned to be authentic and unafraid. I love our team for its unity, sisterhood, and spirit! She’s challenged me to be me and she’s shown me this business is SOOOOO much more than mascara and makeup!

- Leslie Lewallen, EntrepreneuR

Tina is inspirational!  She truly cares, and you can feel it. Our team is like family, it’s inspiring, and we have amazing leaders! Tina gives of herself and her time to everyone that asks.  She is gracious and shows respect for everyone she meets.

- JJ Bland


"I love the quality of the mineral foundation. Tina is the BEST! I love that she lets us try her products first, which is always fun!  She has great taste and great recommendations!" 

- Angie, Educator