My Past 5 Years

The past 5 years that I have attended our annual convention I have left with a renewed sense of excitement.

But this year, this year I came home feeling a little different.

I am filled more with the curiosity of what the future holds for myself and the tribe that I have worked so hard to build over the last 5 years.

I’m lying here and wondering if there is anybody out there that may be a replica of myself. If you at anything like me, then you have thought that you have absolutely nothing going for yourself. You aren’t “enough” to do something incredible out there.

Well fast forward to today, 5 years later. Let me tell you that there is a COLONY of women who work towards a beautiful mission each and every day. They are loyal. Passionate. Kind Hearted. Creative. Giving. The list goes on.

This team that I have created, I didn’t even know how much I needed them. Until one day, they found me.

Each day. 
Each direct message. 
Each phone call. 
Each selfie.

Each “girl I feel the exact same way,” gave me the strength and the courage to believe in myself again.

They gave me the strength to believe that I was way better than the girl that I saw in the mirror everyday who didn’t think she really had anything special about her.

I solely believe, and I say this with 100% certainty that this business helped pull me out of the dark. I have been reminded of my self worth, my place in this world, my purpose and what I stand for.

I have never felt so confident, worthy, driven, loved, appreciated, connected, grounded {I mean the list goes on}.

And it’s all thanks to this kick ass community of leaders that has taken a leap of faith with me to live their best life.

I cannot wait to see what the rest of 2018 brings for me, but I know it’s going to be BIG.

I hope there are many more “I am that girl” out there that I can help.

If it’s you, let’s go girl.

I so badly wanna crush the hell out of life with you.

Because when it really comes down to it, 
if you don’t believe and love on yourself, can you really expect others to?

What do you say ..... let’s do this together.