I am a people person. 

I love the energy I feel when I’m around people.  I feed off of others energy.   I crave deeper conversations and learning what inspires people and what trials and triumphs one has experienced in life.   My outgoing self has an expiration though.  I crave my alone time too, something I avoided for a long time. Over the past several years, I have learned the value in self-reflection and being still in a very busy and hectic life!   

I like to think of myself as creative and I found tremendous joy in photography in creating unique images that capture emotions in the moment.   Photography fed my soul and became such a passion of mine that I started my own photography business in 2010.    I wanted to document life.   Life passes so quickly and I wanted people to have images to look back on and smile or even cry. 

But, I noticed a trend among the women, self criticism.

Here were amazing GORGEOUS pictures and all these women could see were their jiggly thighs, hips, wrinkles, and the odd shapes of their faces….It pained me. It pained me to hear their words because it made me face the voices in my head telling me those very same things.

I avoided pictures. I judged and critiqued every inch of my body. I was insecure. I didn’t love myself.  

There was a moment in 2014 when it hit me.

I wanted more from myself and my life. I wanted financial freedom, a healthy mindset, deeply connected friendships, and a legacy for my family. I had a deep passion in my bones but I didn’t know what it was and how to tap into it. I no longer wanted to dream. I wanted to show myself and my children that pushing past insecurities and living outside my comfort zone is where one’s dreams can become reality.

So, that’s just what I did!

I confronted my misery, unhappiness, and depression. I did something I didn’t think possible. I invested in MYSELF. It wasn’t easy but I knew deep inside, I Tina Palmer, DID amount to something.  I listened to that nudge from above and  put faith in myself and launched my beauty business. The  journey I have been on has transformed me from the caterpillar who was once living inside a cocoon to a beautiful butterfly who soars today. I created financial freedom by believing in myself, facing my fears and pushing outside my comfort zone, not giving up and as a result I started earning a six figure income within six months.

The  transformation hasn’t been easy. It’s taken a lot of sweat and tears to let go of the past. This business I’ve built, has given me permission to come out of hiding, show up daily and shine my light. I spent years covering up pain and insecurities. I put more energy into hiding past trauma than healing. I lost myself. The truth is, until now, I never really knew my authenticity. I didn’t know the “true” Tina living inside.

Vulnerability was truly the antidote to the shame I held tucked away. Vulnerability brought self esteem, self love, and self worth. Vulnerability became my new normal and created the healthy mindset I dreamed of. The peeling of the layers brought confidence I didn’t know I had. I connected with an amazing tribe  and I unleashed the successful woman entrepreneur inside!

I unlocked the deep passion in my bones when I discovered the connection between confidence and beauty. It was then, when I knew why I had been given the journey I had. I owned my gifts, stepped into my calling, and discovered courageous confidence.  I have created deeply connected relationships with the women in my sisterhood. They motivate me to live IN purpose and passion Every. Single. Day.

My purpose and calling is to help women like YOU, transform into beautiful butterflies. Shedding your layers and displaying your beauty from the inside out. My desire is to share my journey with you. I have no doubt you will see glimpses of you, in me.

I’m giving you permission today to…

Have an open mind!  Challenge yourself!  Live your life joyfully!  


Tina is always there for me. She understands me and loves me for me. She’s taught me that I’m worthy and enough! She’s always kind, encouraging, and  non judgmental.